About Me

I’m an educator, a technology trainer, a teacher, a lecturer, a facilitator, a learning consultant, a training specialist, a technical writer………. an eLearning advocate.

I’m a certified training and development professional (CTDP) and I design and develop eLearning modules. I am a certified Microsoft Office Specialist – Microsoft Word 2016 Expert and a I also acquired the Microsoft Office Specialist – Microsoft Excel 2016 Core certificate.

I acquired the Master certificate as Microsoft Office Specialist 2013

Me versus Technology…

I’ve been in the field of training and skills development for over 20 years. I’ve conducted About Metrainings in Asia and in North America, I’ve attended numerous seminars, lectures, symposiums and training sessions. And yet, I don’t consider myself an expert. Why? Because technology changes so fast  (perhaps almost as fast as my heartbeat) that an expert user today can become a novice user tomorrow. It’s like technology has already taken three steps and I am just about to lift my right foot to begin a stride. As a trainer, I saw how training delivery evolved. I know how frustrating it can be if one cannot effectively convey the knowledge and skills that he/she wants to share. I know how bad it feels if one cannot get the message across. And like most of us have discovered, with eLearning, its tools, methods and accessibility, trainers become less frustrated as they become more effective.

Me and my dream…

I like to design, develop and explore different possibilities as far as creating effective eLearning materials is concerned. I like to learn and help people learn. I hope that everyone, not only About Me eLearning advocates, would visit this website and share their thoughts, experiences, knowledge and techniques. I hope that people who want to learn something new would visit this website and find it meeting their needs.

Me as me…

I am married to an amazing woman and I’m blessed with a wonderful kid. I live in Toronto For About Me 3(Canada) and I love to watch NBA games. I look like a fan of the Toronto Raptors but I tend to cheer for the Cavaliers, shhhh. Also, I sing part-time (read: lip-syncing) in the church choir. I am also an active member (officer) of a catholic school parent council.

There you go. I hope that I didn’t bore you too much about me and I thank you for your visit.

I’ll see you all around.


Founder of eLearningAdvocates.Com