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A Complete Guide to Using Sticky Notes for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

The advent of micro-technology, handhelds, smartphones and whatnot doesn’t completely prevent us from using papers. We still send fax messages from a correspondence printed on paper, we still exchange business cards (the physical ones) and yes, we still use sticky notes, aka, post-its. I have a colleague whose desk is full of interconnected sticky notes that makes you wonder if this person ever did something in his life, or at least in his office life. Using sticky notes for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 as the case may be, saves us the trouble of looking for a pen which most, if not all of the time doesn’t work. It also saves us the trouble of losing it (falling sticky notes) while we help save the environment (less paper, less trees to cut).

Run Windows Sticky Notes

Sticky NotesThere are several ways to run this application but the simplest is to type in ‘Sticky’ on the search box. You should see the application’s name in an instant and you can click on it to run. This program is pretty straightforward that you can see the sticky note and write on it right away. As expected, sticky notes are by default yellow and you can create as many sticky notes as you want, as long as they fit in the screen (although having so many of these populating your desktop would somehow defeat its purpose). I usually place just a couple at the top right-hand corner of my screen just to make them prominent. Also, those sticky notes stay on your desktop even after you shut your computer down.

Work on sticky notes

Windows sticky notes is so bare-bone that if you are not well-versed in Windows basic editing commands using the keyboard shortcuts, you will have a very limited and restricted use of this useful application. You can add more sticky notes by clicking the plus sign (+) on the upper left-hand corner of the note. You can change its size by dragging a corner and you can remove it (assuming that you’re done with it and you don’t need it anymore) by clicking on the ‘X’ button on the top-right hand corner of the note. To change its color, right click on the sticky note and choose your desired color from among the list.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, using sticky notes for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 is more than just adding, deleting, enlarging and changing its color. This is where your knowledge of keyboard shortcuts will come in handy; just don’t forget to select the text before you apply the keyboard shortcut for the command to take effect. You press CTRL with B, CTRL with I, CTRL with U and CTRL with T if you want to apply bold, italics, underline and strike-through, respectively. Pressing CTRL with SHIFT and L repeatedly will give you either the bulleted or the numbered list (just like to-do-lists in the paper world). Let’s not forget CTRL with SHIFT and > to enlarge the text and CTRL with SHIFT and < to reduce its size.

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How to Unlock an LG Phone

I am usually enticed by mobile communications carriers offering zero dollars for latest cell phone models if I enter into a contract, say a three-year term. My first cell phone in Toronto was Nokia and it is now gathering dusts. After Nokia, I had an LG phone with the same carrier, under the same contract terms. Three years hence, I had Samsung Galaxy. I felt bad putting to waste my old phone so I had to know how to unlock an LG phone. I figured that if I would be successful, I can give the phone to any one for use with any cell phone carrier.

Find Three Pieces of Information

UnlockingTo unlock an LG phone, you have to know its carrier, its model name and its IMEI. The model name usually displays on screen after powering on the cell phone. If it doesn’t, you can find the model name on the Phone Information section, under the settings menu of the phone. The IMEI, also known as the 15-digit device ID, is a unique number assigned to a phone. It is usually written at the back of the phone, underneath the battery. You can also find this information on the Settings/Phone Information.

Get Unlock Code

There are lots of companies that offer unlock codes for a fee. There are some that offers them for free in exchange for your subscription to one of their sponsors. I ordered my unlock codes from GSM Liberty. This company easily earned my trust and I personally recommend it because of its excellent customer service and its hassle-free ordering process.

Look for Specific Instruction

It didn’t take half a minute to receive my unlock code from GSM Liberty. Because different cell phone units have different unlock instructions, I went to to look for the instruction specific to LG GR500. The process was pretty straight-forward that even a kid could do it!

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