Cloud Computing Video Tutorials

I came across two different providers of cloud computing video tutorials who in my opinion are great eLearning advocates.  TrainSignal’s David Davis, who’s got 18 years of IT experience, as network/Unix/Windows/VM Ware administrator as well as an IT Manager provides us Cloud Computing 101. Yogesh Jiandani of Techspots shares his expertise on YouTube channel emobilearn with his 4-Part Cloud Computing series.  eLearn and eNjoy!

 Cloud Computing 101 (1 hr, 01 min, 57 sec)

by David Davis


Cloud Computing

by Yogesh Jiandani

Part 1 (14 mins, 08 sec)
Part 2 (13 mins, 05 sec)
Part 3 (14 mins, 49 sec)
Part 4 (7 mins,29 sec)