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(eLearning Bank is a collection of video tutorials provided to us FREE by well-respected eLearning advocates )

Living in North America is living in the fast lane. Every individual has
24 hours to spend in a day. Let’s do the math, divide 24 by the amount of time you spend doing the following activities: work + sleep + eat + travel + entertainment + rest + bond with family + community involvement + socialization + errands + personal grooming. Any way you look at it, 24 hours do not seem to be enough, give or take two activities. Taking away some activities could result to not living a balanced life.

Oh yes, did I include ‘learning’ in that list? No, I didn’t. My point is, if life is a learning process, how come it is always a struggle to allocate time for it from our everyday schedule?

That is when I realized how important eLearning is. Because learning through the Internet saves travel time and personal grooming time, and potentially entertainment time, not to mention money, we can squeeze in a few hours everyday to learn something new.

I have provided above some links to different tutorials from people who I consider eLearning advocates. Like me, these people are willing to share their knowledge, skills and expertise by uploading videos, screencasts and webinar materials. Best of all, they are FREE.

Have fun while eLearning !


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