Free Adobe Tutorials

A lot of eLearning advocates offer free Adobe tutorials on their YouTube channels. As you may be aware of, Adobe has several application packages that are built to suit the needs of a specialized group of IT practitioners, like, graphic artists, website developers and video editors, to name a few.

But most beginners resort to utilizing free adobe tutorials to test the waters to see if the software’s features are really the ones that they need. One of those adobe applications is called After Effects, which is very popular among video editors/ film makers with its powerful tools that allow users to enhance graphical, visual and animation effects of a particular video.


If you want to learn After Effects for free, I would like to recommend TheNewBoston’s video tutorials. Bucky Roberts, its founder and an eLearning advocate, provides in-depth, structured and easy-to-understand video tutorials which he delivered in 39 different high-quality videos. Like most subscribers to his videos, I find his works very informative and Bucky never ceases to amaze me with the delivery of his tutorials. TheNewBoston believes that education should be provided for free and if you see Bucky’s videos, you would think that they are one of those eLearning centre-provided, expensive tutorials,but lo and behold, they are actually FREE. Thank you Bucky Roberts!

eLearn and eNjoy

I am sharing with you the links to TheNewBoston’s YouTube video tutorials for After Effects. I hope you will find them helpful.

After Effects Tutorials
by TheNewBoston

1. Introduction (7 mins,26 sec)
2. Creating a Composition (4 mins,28 sec)
3. Advanced Composition Panel (5 mins,24 sec)
4. Basic Animation (6 mins,29 sec)
5. Editing the Animation Path (3 mins,45 sec)
6. Animating Opacity (6 mins,16 sec)
7. Animating Scale (4 mins,36 sec)
8.Animating Rotation (5 mins,39 sec)
9. Basic Keyframe Velocity (3 mins,58 sec)
10. Advanced Keyframe Velocity (4 mins,55 sec)
11. Editing Multiple Values (4 mins,52 sec)
12. Holding and Roving Keyframes (4 mins,16 sec)
13. Creating a Motion Sketch (3 mins:59 sec)
14. Auto Orient and The Wiggler (7 mins,44 sec)
15. Tools for Editing Clips (6 mins,07 sec)
16. Blending Modes (4 mins,46 sec)
17. Introduction to Masking (5 mins,07 sec)
18. Editing Mask Properties (4 mins,08 sec)
19. Masking with the Pen Tool (6 mins,13 sec)
20. Luma Matte Effect (4 mins,24 sec)
21. Contrast of Mattes (3 mins,47 sec)
22. Videos as Mattes (3 mins,52 sec)
23. Introduction to 3D (6 mins,16 sec)
24. Working with 3D (6 mins,18 sec)
25. Making a 3D Animation (5 mins,46 sec)
26. Introduction to Cameras (7 mins,32 sec)
27. Animating Cameras (6 mins,35 sec)
28. Basic Lighting (5 mins,51 sec)
29. Shadows (4 mins,24 sec)
30. Parenting (3 mins,25 sec)
31. Moving Text Along a Path (3 mins,46 sec)
32. Text Animator (5 mins,06 sec)
33. Waterfall Text Animation (6 mins,07 sec)
34. How to Use Effects (6 mins,27 sec)
35. Beginning Presets (4 mins,11 sec)
36. Built in Presets (4 mins,51 sec)
37. Messing with Time (4 mins,22 sec)
38. Freeze Frames (7 mins,08 sec)
39. Motion Tracking (6 mins,35 sec)