How to Earn Money Thru Internet

Before anything else…

Let me tell you upfront that what I’m writing here is based on my personal experience and mycat-asleep own ways on how to earn money thru internet. It’s not very comprehensive but it gives you ideas on what to do and how to do it. However, Kyle, who is an eLearning advocate and who is the founder of the website ‘Ways to Avoid Scams Online’, provides a complete, structured and straightforward eLearning approach to starting up an online business. Sign-up for FREE and follow Kyle’s courses here.

First things first

When my son wanted to earn money thru lemonade, I had to prepare him a table and I had to look for a perfect spot (like that one close to the bus stop) where he could set-up his lemonade stand. If I want to earn money thru paintings, I need a studio and a showroom. So, how to earn money thru internet? You need a website. This is your lemonade stand, your showroom, your internet real estate.

So how can I find you?

Lemonade‘Lemonade 25 cent’ marks the signboard made of a wooden board and is written in chalk. That was how people knew that my son was selling the lemonade and not just playing pretend kitchen. If you plan to sell or promote something on your website, you need a domain name, like You can have it for free by clicking here, or you can buy it from here.

Stock it up

After finding the perfect spot and putting up the table, and with his signboard ready, it was time for my son to get ready with the pitcher, ice cubes, disposable cups and straws. Wait, did I include lemons? Darn! how can I make lemonades without the lemons? It’s now time to stock up your website with text, catchy phrases and images, and as Kyle would have it, quality contents. The reason why people would come back to buy my son’s lemonade, is the same reason why people would keep visiting your website….quality.


While my son was selling lemonade, somebody came by asking if she could place her flyers (for her gym business) for people to take. My ever enterprising son asked WiiFM? (What’s in it for me?), Well, the lady bought two cups of lemonade, enough to make the young lad smile. With your quality contents fully integrated with Google Adsense, you’d earn money for every visitor who clicks on those Ads. Sounds good huh! I still remember the time that I earned my first dollar thru Google Adsense. I was so happy and excited that it felt like I earned $2.

I’ll scratch your back if…

Would it be another good money-making plan if by selling lemonade, my son could tell his money-internetcustomers that a few steps away, if you turn right at Lytton blvd., you will see a small cafe that sells the best grilled panini in town. Of course, he doesn’t have to tell us that he has already spoken with the owner in regards to a commission for every customer he sent there. With your website already has Google Ads, you can also place images of your affiliate partners, such that when your visitors click on the image, they will be re-directed to your affiliate partner’s website, and if there is a successful sale as a result of that, then you’d get a commission. My first affiliate partner gives me 15% commission. Imagine, if your website talks about digital cameras, and you affiliated with Sony, how much commission you’ll earn if you caused the sale of a $530-worth digital camera?

Help me spread the word

My son’s lemonade table was 4 feet long and around 3 feet tall, large enough to accommodate a tarp bearing a cell phone company’s latest promos. Of course, they would have to pay my son an advertising fee, like 50 cents a day. With your website, already with Google Ads and bearing the images or links of your affiliate partners, you can still show banners of different companies in exchange for a monthly fee.  As of the moment, I don’t allow banner ads on my website because I think that it will compromise its design, but on your website? It’s completely up to you.

Big 3 money-makers: Recap

Just to provide you with the recap: How to earn money thru internet? Answer: Google Ads, Affiliate programs and Advertisers. Of course there are a lot of other ways, like sell your own products, provide online training, maintain a web channel, etc.

eLearn your way to success

For more in-depth knowledge and skills, listen to Kyle and take advantage of his awesome eLearning materials that are designed even for non-tech savvy people. Click here and sign-up for FREE.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Please share your comments below, or tell us your experiences on how to earn money thru internet.