Logic Pro X Video Training

Logic Pro X Video Training
by MusicTechHelpGuy

1. Getting Started in Logic Pro X (22 min,20 sec)
2. Transport, Colorize Regions, Cycle Mode (10 min, 0 sec)
3. Sample Rate, Bit Depth, I/O Buffer, Setting up for Recording (13 min,48 sec)
4. Autopunch, Quick Swipe Comping, Low Latency Mode, Control Bar (10 min,56 sec)
5. Quick Punch, Punching In Vocals (5 min,43 sec)
6. Cycle Record (Loop Record), Duplicate Tracks (8 min,17 sec)
7. Import Audio, Export Audio, Export All Tracks (9 min,24 sec)
8. Create Your Own Apple Loops (9 min,08 sec)
9. Zoom Controls, Zoom Shortcuts, Waveform Zoom (6 min,23 sec)
10. Audio Edit Tools-Part 1 (11 min,53 sec)
11. Audio Edit Tools-Part 2 (20 min,42 sec)
12. Snap Modes, Absolute Grid, Relative Grid (10 min, 41 sec)
13. Drag Modes and Nudge Values (9 min, 26 sec)
14. Using Groups for Editing (12 min, 50 sec)
15. Strip Silence (9 min, 20 sec)
16. Editing Audio in the File Editor (27 min, 25 sec)
17. Isolate Vocals from a Song with Phase Cancellation (15 min, 01 sec)

I admire Joshua Carney for his vast talent and for sharing his expertise by providing Logic Pro X video Training on his YouTube channel called MusicTechHelpGuy.This eLearning advocate is not only a composer, musician and audio engineer, he is also an educator. You can visit his website at http://www.joshcarney.com.