Microsoft Tutorial Videos Featuring Windows 8 Tutorial Video

My Favourite eLearning Advocate

One of my favourite eLearning advocates is Richard Rost, the president of 599CD Computer Training and the author of the book Complete Idiot’s Guide to Excel 2010. One reason why I like this guy is because of his expertise in database design and management which you can find obvious in his video tutorials on Microsoft Access 2010.

His YouTube Channel

You can find these Access tutorials, including his Windows 8 tutorial video on his YouTube channel called PCLearning Zone. I am one of the thousands of subscribers of his channel who acquired additional skills as a result of following his free Microsoft Tutorial videos.


For those of you who just recently purchased a new PC bundled with Microsoft Windows 8, or if your place of work is migrating to this new Windows Operating System, I recommend that you finish this 599CD Computer Training’s Windows 8 Tutorial Video to be fully equipped and get one step ahead of your peers.

Have fun while eLearning!

Windows 8 Tutorial Video

1. About Windows 8 (11 min,29 sec)
2. What’s New in Windows 8 (16 min,25 sec)
3. The Start Menu (15 min,02 sec)
4. The Desktop (10 min,37 sec)
5. Apps and Programs (20 min,31 sec)
6. Useful Apps 1 (13 min,51 sec)
7. Useful Apps 2 (17 min,25 sec)
8. Useful Apps 3 (10 min,20 sec)
9. Confuguring Windows I (10 min,23 sec)
10. Confuguring Windows II (17 min,02 sec)
11. Custom Changes (17 min,29 sec)
12. Review (3 min,07 sec)