Storyline’s Interactive eLearning Approach (Part 3 of 3)

eLearning can be fun too, especially for the eLearners. As a developer you can capitalize on Storyline’s interactive eLearning approach to create fun learning activities. Also, if you are software trainer and you want to know if your trainees are able to follow your lead, then Articulate Storyline is for you.

Drag-and-Drop Approach

binsAs part of your company’s commitment to environmental protection, you are to develop an eLearning to train employees about proper waste disposal. After much explanations about the importance of the initiative, the difference between waste, recycle and organic, and other pertinent details, you want to gauge your eLearners’ level of understanding. So, you’d create a slide with images of bins, one black, one green and one blue. Then you’d randomly scatter images of rubber glove, fish bone, magazine, broken glass, tea bag, paper coffee cups and whatever you can think of around the slide above the bins. You’d then use Storyline’s drag-and-drop approach. You’d ask the eLearners to drag each of the images and drop it in the correct bin. You can apply codes so that the bins will reject inappropriate items, or the bins can accept any item and you’d just add another slide after the activity to indicate the scores (the number of correct and incorrect ‘disposals’). Isn’t it fun?

Software Simulation

If you are a software trainer and an eLearning developer, Articulate Storyline can be your best friend. Suppose you want to introduce a new software feature. You divide the training into several stages and you want to know if your eLearners are able to follow your every step for each stage. Let Storyline’s software simulation feature help you do the job. Simply ‘record’ your every step for the eLearners to see, then ask them to repeat your every step. For example, in demonstrating how to navigate on the new software interface, you’re showing that the user has to click ‘Page Layout’, then click on ‘Orientation’ button, then click on ‘Landscape’. After seeing the steps, the eLearner will then do the same series of mouse clicks. If they did it correctly, then they can proceed to the next stage. Pretty cool eh!

There you have it folks, Storyline’s interactive eLearning approach to help boost the effectiveness of your training materials. Work with layers, utilize interactive markers, apply drag-and-drop approach and use software simulation techniques. Thank you for completing this 3-part series and keep eLearning!