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How to Unlock an LG Phone

I am usually enticed by mobile communications carriers offering zero dollars for latest cell phone models if I enter into a contract, say a three-year term. My first cell phone in Toronto was Nokia and it is now gathering dusts. After Nokia, I had an LG phone with the same carrier, under the same contract terms. Three years hence, I had Samsung Galaxy. I felt bad putting to waste my old phone so I had to know how to unlock an LG phone. I figured that if I would be successful, I can give the phone to any one for use with any cell phone carrier.

Find Three Pieces of Information

UnlockingTo unlock an LG phone, you have to know its carrier, its model name and its IMEI. The model name usually displays on screen after powering on the cell phone. If it doesn’t, you can find the model name on the Phone Information section, under the settings menu of the phone. The IMEI, also known as the 15-digit device ID, is a unique number assigned to a phone. It is usually written at the back of the phone, underneath the battery. You can also find this information on the Settings/Phone Information.

Get Unlock Code

There are lots of companies that offer unlock codes for a fee. There are some that offers them for free in exchange for your subscription to one of their sponsors. I ordered my unlock codes from GSM Liberty. This company easily earned my trust and I personally recommend it because of its excellent customer service and its hassle-free ordering process.

Look for Specific Instruction

It didn’t take half a minute to receive my unlock code from GSM Liberty. Because different cell phone units have different unlock instructions, I went to support.GSMLiberty.net to look for the instruction specific to LG GR500. The process was pretty straight-forward that even a kid could do it!

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