The Best eLearning Authoring Software

In my humble opinion, the best eLearning authoring software is Articulate’s Storyline. It has everything that you need to be able to develop effective eLearning materials. Interactivity, multimedia delivery, evaluation tools, software simulation, not to mention its wide array of templates and it’s compatibility with PowerPoint, are the things that make this software a must-have for eLearning advocates.

Amazing templates

With a huge collection of templates that Articulate Storyline offers, you would not need to come up with your own, unless of course you need to include your company’s logo and other proprietary images in your eLearning materials. Worthy to mention are the character templates which are available in both photographic and illustrated images. You’d find these very useful when you create interactive slides.

Screenshot of Articulate Storyline Launch Screen

Screenshot of Articulate Storyline Launch Screen

Multimedia magic

With Articulate Storyline, you can synchronize your animations with your audio because its interface provides you with a control panel where you can position the sound waves to match the start and end of the slides. Of course, needless to say, you can also incorporate videos in your slides.

Highly interactive

eLearning should be a two-way street, one talks while the other listens, but how do you know that the listeners are doing their share of the process? When they click the mouse button. Articulate Storyline’s layering feature allows you to create interactive slides that are more interesting and attractive. You will be amazed by the power of interactive markers and your audience will enjoy your inclusion of drag-and-drop interactions.

The Learning in eLearning

eLearning is an exercise in futility if nobody learns. That’s why during the process, there should always be a way to evaluate the audiences’ degree of learning. Articulate Storyline not only allows the creation of form-based quiz questions, it can also provide free-form questions. You as an eLearning developer can choose to show the correct answers right away, or you can create a result slide at the end where you can indicate the scores.

Software simulation

If you are an eLearning advocate and your field of expertise is software training, then Articulate Storyline should be your best eLearning authoring software. By creating screencasts, you will be able to demonstrate how to navigate your program’s interface. Not only that, you can also create interactive simulations where you can ask the audience to follow your every step.

PowerPoint welcome

It is not uncommon that as an eLearning developer, you would be asked to work on a project that has already been started by someone else. Sometimes, these projects are developed using Microsoft PowerPoint. With Articulate Storyline, this is not going to be an issue because you can import PowerPoint slides and just pick-up where others left off.

Those are the reasons why I think that Articulate Storyline is the best eLearning authoring software available in the market. However, eLearning advocates all over the world have their own special preferences depending on their styles and needs. I know that thousands of eLearning developers love Lectora and some also prefer using Adobe’s Captivate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.