What Does Google Glass Look Like When It’s On?

This article can lead to a very interesting point of discussion. It involves two major cities in North America, a typical road scenario, and an open-ended question, what does Google Glass look like when it’s on?

In San Diego

Comic Con San DiegoSeveral months ago, I went to San Diego and decided to swing by at the Comic Con International 2013 which was being held in the city. As expected, this much-hyped event drew a massive crowd which included young and young-at-hearts. What caught my attention was not Wolverine, nor it was the giant Smurf, not even the scantily-clad vampires. My eyes were glued to this gentleman who was wearing what I thought was an odd-looking eye-piece. Was it the new trend in eye-wear? Was it the universal soldier’s eye gadget? Or was it Google glass? But this computer-in-an-eyeglass is not yet widely available to the public, is it?

Back to Toronto

In Toronto where I live, traffic police officers are always on the lookout for traffic offenders, especially during the long weekends where most Canadians cross the border and go to US.  Distracted driving, like reading, texting, or talking on the phone while driving is one of the so-called Big 4. The other three being driving under the influence, over-speeding or stunt driving, and driving without buckling up.

And again to San Diego

In San Diego, an officer apprehended a person who was wearing Google glassFuturistic Glass
while driving and the driver got the citation for distracted driving. The driver wasn’t texting, the driver wasn’t reading, the driver wasn’t on the phone, the driver was wearing Google glass. Imagine how distracted you would be if you were using your laptop while you’re driving. That was pretty much what the officer thought, he thought that the driver was ‘on the computer’. The driver pleaded not guilty, the defense? Google glass wasn’t on!

Fast forward one year, you are a traffic officer and you see someone driving while wearing Google glass. Are you going to apprehend the driver? Are you going to hesitate? Or you’d ask yourself, what does Google Glass look like when it’s on?

Thank you for reading this article.